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Yes! Any Art Sold On This Site Is Original Artwork Created By Hand Using Mixed Medias.

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Yes Your Artwork Is In Our Studio Awaiting A Postage Address!

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Yes We Provide Tracked And Recorded Shipping And Once Posted You Will Be Contacted With Your Tracking Number.

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Print of Original Artwork Of American Bully XL

Print of Original Artwork Of American Bully XL

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Introducing a captivating portrait capturing the essence of the American XL Bully, a majestic and powerful breed that radiates strength and confidence. This stunning portrayal highlights the breed's muscular build, distinctive features, and commanding presence. The XL Bully's expressive eyes convey a mix of intelligence and loyalty, embodying the breed's gentle nature alongside its formidable appearance. This portrait is a celebration of the American XL Bully's unique character, making it a perfect centerpiece for enthusiasts and admirers alike.

(This is a high quality giclée inkjet print of the original artwork without frame)

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If This Artwork Has Already Sold And Your Intrested In Something Similar Please Contact Us, All Of Out Artworks Are One Of A Kinds So Slight Adjustments Will Be Made